Feedback is very important for SRA. If you have any feedback please contact the leader! If you dont want to tell us directly you can talk to a manager or staffmember that you trust and ask them to forward any feedback!

Squad Europe Partner/Member Requirements and Perks

    Whitelist = priority in que.

  • • Seeding (try to connect on the server(s) to populate it)
  • • Balance the teams (to prevent teams that is being continuously stomped by ether clans or public player)
  • • Follow Squad Europe's "Code of Conduct"
  • • Follow Squad Europe's Server Rules

  • Applies for server(s)
  • ★★★ Squad Europe ★ Mapvote ★★★ by
  • ★★★ Squadeinander ★★★

Clan Involvement and Contribution

    We have several staff roles, if you are intrested in helping out contact any leader or manager!
    SRAs training server can be found under custom servers -> SRA training server, run the command !ts in #bot-commands if you dont have the password.


    Event Calendar: Found here

    Weekly Events:
    Our events are a key day in the week when most of the clan meets on discord and plays a game together. Each week a new game is picked and the last week in a month is always a squad game week.

    How you can request a game
    If you would like to request a game to be a part of an event have there is a discord channel named #Event-game-request, where you post the game, by either adding link to the steam store of the game or by name, genre and picture . There the game you posted needs 7 upvotes (the number may get higher as we grow) to be put in a roster. To view games that are in the roster you can find that on our forum or discord channel named #Game-Roster

    How a Game is picked
    Every week 3 games are picked from the roster (2 randomly and 1 winner from the previous week, if that game hasn’t been played 2 weeks in a row yet), which are then Voted on by adding the emote thumbs up. The winning game will be announced Thursday midday in order to give people ample time to download the games. If a game is played 2 weeks in a row that game cannot be in the picked again for the following 2 weeks. This post will also be used in order to notify you that you can vote on the games. If you are being too disruptive on the event the Event-host or manager has the authority to kick you from the event and depending on the severity of the situation you might also get a strike for a rule 2 violation

    Squad Europe Clan night
    Every Thursday evening Squad Europe has a clan night. This means we allow all clans to stack on one side.

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