core values

  • • Active members
  • • Respect for IRL
  • • Teamwork
  • • Sportsmanship
  • • Desire to improve
  • • Reliable place to play squad
  • • Fun in a more organised and structured way


  • • A working microphone
  • • Able to speak and understand written and verbal English
  • • A minimum age of 18 years
  • • Able to participate in the weekly events from time to time and be active on discord for at least 10 hrs/month.


  • Be active. The minimum requirement is to be in a voice channel on our discord for 10 hours per month. If this requirement is not met you will be tagged as ‘’inactive’’. If you are considered inactive for a period of 2 months you will be kicked from the clan unless you provide a, according to management team, valid reason.
  • Do not be an asshole. Spamming, trolling, lying, continuously not following our core values and guidelines, being a nuisance but also hate speech such as: gender, age, religious beliefs, sexual preference and ethnic heritage terms that is used in a derogatory manner is not tolerated.
  • Follow SRA Code of Conduct and it's spirit.
  • Do not cheat. (you represent ~SRA~ while wearing the tag, so ACT LIKE IT)
  • Wear our tags on our events.
  • Wear the correct tag. (If you are a recruit wear ~SRAr~ not ~SRA~)
  • Our clan comes first. (Do not skip out on the Regular Weekly Events if you want to play the same game as is on the event at that time with a third party. Feel free to invite friends for the event!)

  • Single or multiple violations against a "Bannable Offense" can result in the following: a warning, one or more strikes, a kick for a decided period of time or a ban depending on the severity of the offense/s.


  • • Have fun, socialize and be in discord with us even when there is no event.
  • • Be outspoken. We love feedback, so don't be shy about voicing your own opinion in Discord.
  • • Be mature. Be able to take constructive criticism.
  • • Don't be rude. Take a second and think if saying something will actually help us.
  • • Be patient. Especially with newcomers (we don't all know everything).
  • • Ask! If you would like to see something implemented or don't know something, don't be afraid to ask.
  • • Wear the clan tag even if you’re not in an event.
  • • Play well with others (You are a part of a team.)
  • • Don't backseat SL. Feedback and helping is good for a part but if SL tells you do to something you do it.
  • • Don't talk ill about other clans.


  • • Strikes = Written Warnings
  • • Strikes last 6 months
  • • Strikes (and their expiration dates) persist regardless if you get kicked or decide to leave the clan
  • • 2 strikes (R2-4) = (1st time) Kicked from clan and blacklisted* for 6 months. (2nd time) Blacklisted* permanently
  • • 4 strikes (R5,6&7) = (1st time) Kick for 7 days, (2nd time) Kick 1 month.
  • *While blacklisted you will also be removed from discord.