SRA Code of Conduct

    The reason behind the SRA code of conduct is to clearly show how we want our members and everyone else playing with us to act. This is to ensure we have a healthy environment that is mature, respectful, positive and helpful. Always remember that in anything squad related you represent SRA, even if you do something not clan related. Therefore we expect you to behave like it.

    Be positive
    Don't let negativity get the better of you. Everyone has bad days or is unhappy with a given Situation but don't let your frustration out on other Members. Always try your best to lift up the Mood. Negativity only breeds more negativity.

    Be respectful
    As we are a fairly international clan with all sorts of backgrounds it is a given that not everyone will agree with each other at all times, however this is at no time an excuse to attack someone. Always treat each other with respect.

    Be mature
    We expect our Member to behave in a mature manner no matter the age.

    Be patient
    We all come here to enjoy our free time which means issues may not be solved instantly. Show patience instead of escalating things. Especially issues with Partner-Clan members (Squad Europe) can take longer to get dealt with but that doesn't mean they aren't getting handled.

    Teaching fellow players
    Try your best to help new/inexperienced players. While sra members will have priority in a squad if there are spots over, at least from time to time invite blueberries, it's great for finding new potential members but also to help and teach new players how the game is supposed to be played and how much more fun the game is when you work together as a squad and with a team. Don’t yell at them for not knowing the game, be helpful towards them so they can learn.

    Lead by example
    SRA members should lead by good example at all times. “But person xyz did this yesterday too” is a terrible excuse. We want to keep our members to a higher standard than is required by Squad Europe’s Code of conduct and Rules. This means we don't try to bend rules, always treat partners with respect and follow established protocols.

    Support your Clan and Server (Squad Europe)
    We are all here to have a good time, the more constructive you behave the better those places will be for everyone. Invite people to play with you, join our events, help Squad Europe to get Seeded- and stay balanced.

    Be a good Loser and a gracious winner. Don't taunt players or cry openly about losing a game because it didn't go the way you wanted to. Instead of bragging about your kills from a 400-0 Victory think about organizing a Team Switch to balance the Server.

    Be a good Team Player
    There are 49 other players on your team and they need you just as much as you need them. Communicate effectively, be respectful and don't just play for your own benefit.

    Listen to your Squad Leader and pay attention
    The SL owns the squad, not you. That means you do as you're being told and don't argue about it. If your SL doesn't know what to do in a given situation, help him with suggestions but don't backseat. Support your SL.

    Role model
    You expect other players to follow the rules and to play to a high standard? Then behave like this yourself first. Be the player others should be. Just because the rules set a limit doesn't mean you have to play on the edge of it. Bending rules is just as bad as breaking them.

    Other Partner Clans
    Being a Partner on Squad Europe means close and frequent interaction with the other Partners. This means we need to keep our relations good to ensure a healthy server. To achieve this we demand our members try their best to get along with the other clans. If problems arise with a partner member then bring it forward to the sra leadership. Do not start arguments in the in-game chat over it.

    Squad Europe Code of Conduct
    Treat it like your holy Squad Bible. Make sure you read and understand it. Should you not agree with it, this is probably not the right Server/Clan for you. The Squad Europe guidelines and the SRA guidelines are equally important.

    Support the Community
    Try to seed the server as much as you can. If it's unbalanced or even a clear stomp, switch teams. Balancing can be helped not only by switching teams and dividing the clan on multiple squads but also if you notice your are stomping the team give them a chance to come back, don't push them back all the way to main breaking there morale.

    Admin interactions
    If you want the admins to work for you, you have to work for them too. Be constructive in your feedback and complaints. Listen to the admins and should you feel you’ve been treated unjust, reach out to our leadership. They do this in their free time and don't get paid so be patient instead of getting angry if something isn't getting handled right away. Keep in mind that it's very easy to miss something while playing and that sometimes the situation may not be as clear for you or the admin as it might seem at first. Be patient!